About Us

Our Ethos

Here at ZenHen we believe that each and every one of us should try to make the world a better place by acting on elements we have the ability to change.


The Environment
Clothing is such an integral item that we purchase large amounts of on a continuous basis. It is unlikely we can make people buy less, so we need to make the items they  buy more sustainable.
Our clothes here at ZenHen are made from organic cotton or a mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The garments are vegan approved and the ink is vegan friendly. We print all of our orders on demand, meaning large quantities of stock do not go to waste.


Our Environment
The ZenHen brand is built on nature and positivity, not only do we need to ensure the world we live in is sustainable, we also need to ensure the way we see the world through our own eyes is sustainably positive.

A Little About Us

Life in London is stressful, busy and at times unhealthy for your well-being.


We decided in 2018 to move from London to Cheshire on the search for a more Zen life. Shortly after moving we visited a local farm and returned home with 3 Hens, Hermione, Priscilla and Eugenie to live roaming around the garden of our little terrace house. It quickly became apparent that these hens had a calming effect on our life, with their quirky characteristics that entertain anyone for hours. We would go as far to say our flock of Hens helped to generally lift our spirits, provide purpose, maybe even help squash anxiety and depression.


Eugenie was our favorite hen (we know you shouldn’t pick a favourite, but we couldn’t help it), she was always around to say hello, the first waiting at the back door, usually found perching nearby for a stroke, and if not, she would be clucking away to herself at the bottom of the garden.


These Hens honestly taught us to look at life with a more positive attitude, stay relaxed, keep focused and just be a little more Zen.


The ZenHen Company was born in the spirit of Eugenie, to help us all be a little more Zen. We hope that others can join our ZenHen lifestyle, enjoy experiences, value those around us, and most importantly look after that which can’t be replaced.


“Be A ZenHen”