he Unalome is a Buddhist symbol that represents your journey to enlightenment, the twists and turns represent the path of life and how it’s not always a straight run. We believe this is relatable to everyone, life often takes turns, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Sometimes you have to take a step back to realise the journey is just as important as the destination.
You may notice the design between the Roosters and the Hens is different, this is because the symbol has a male and female version.


The Zen Sand Garden is a Japanese tradition. The sand is often raked around rocks which represent mountains. Mountains themselves play a large part in the Japanese culture as they are said to have good Fengshui. The sand around the rocks represents the rivers of life, flowing around the landscape. The gardens can be very hypnotic, calming and tranquil. Sand gardens are though to have both mental and physical health benefits. It has become quite popular to have miniature gardens in the home as the racking of the sand into these fluid patterns can have relaxing effects.

Lotus Flower

The lotus represents a symbol of fortune. The beautiful flower grows from the muddy water to sit proud for all to see. Nature enables the flower to grow and develop, when it  blooms it reaches its own stage of enlightenment. It is also thought that the flower represents the idea of purification of the spirit grown in the murky waters. We like the idea of this in our modern time, as its suggests self improvement and provides determination for those not born into success to achieve their own version of enlightenment.